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Corporate Fitness

This option is aimed at business owners of any particular size (If you have yet to read my blog, please feel free to do so, to understand the benefits)

With the new wave of health & fitness currently trending globally, now is the time to jump on board and continue making the world a healthier place. Many 'employees' around the word are spending astronomical amounts of money trying to keep their selves healthy! With Corporate Fitness we're aiming at providing even more people, with even more affordable training.

In addition to preventing illnesses amongst employees, corporate wellness programs also lead to a reduction in employee absenteeism. Employees who are stressed, unhealthy or overworked tend to become sick much more often than healthy employees. When programs that focus on the benefits of corporate wellness are implemented, this rate can be drastically reduced. For example, Coors Brewing Company experienced a remarkable 18% decrease in employee absenteeism after implementing a corporate wellness program within their workplace.

Companies will notice a significant decrease in healthcare costs once they incorporate wellness programs into their workplace. For example, after implementing a fitness program in which only 60% of the employees participated, Coca-Cola was able to save £400 per employee every year.

Increased productivity is another benefit of corporate wellness. Employees who are happy and healthy tend to produce a greater volume of work at a higher quality than unhealthy employees. Employers need to realize that implementing programs that lower stress levels will increase the overall output of their employees.


Make it a goal to implement a corporate wellness program as soon as possible – reward your employees with a benefit that will not only improve their physical & mental health, but also their work ethic. A healthy work force, is a happy work force, and a happy work force is an EXTREMELY productive work force.

Prices are based on the amount of individuals involved - If you're interested in a quote, then feel free to drop me an email

This offer is currently only available in the United Kingdom*

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