What Is The Best Workout For An Endomorph?

What is an Endomorph?

Some guys (and girls) have it all. Unfortunately for endomorphs, 'all' sometimes refers to additional body fat, something that no one wants more than their fair share of. But bodybuilding is all about sculpting one's figure into a more desirable form, and with the right diet and training, one can kiss the classification good bye.

What Is The Best Workout For An Endomorph?

In order to keep unwanted fat at bay, endomorphs should use a regimen that combines cardio and weight-lifting. This will keep the metabolism high and burn more calories than either method would alone. Also, I'd recommend a four-day split to maximize the amount of activity without sacrificing potential growth.

Instead of concentrating on individual body parts and isolation exercises, though, endomorphs should concentrate on complex lifts and workouts that are more full-body oriented. Personally, I like Push/Pull splits because they work the entire body and are great for growth.

How Does An Endomorph's Workout Differ From Other Body Types?

Because endomorphs tend toward having a pear-shaped figure and seem to carry extra fat, a workout geared toward endomorphs should do everything possible to burn existing fat and prevent gaining more. Therefore, endomorphs should concentrate on intense workouts, using techniques such as drop sets and supersets.

Also, full-body workouts and compound lifts offer more bang for the buck in terms of calorie expenditure due to their recruitment of many muscles. These lifts also raise one's metabolism to keep fat at bay during rest periods.

The additional cardio ensures that fat doesn't stand a chance. Such intensive weight-training probably wouldn't be appropriate for an ectomorph who is struggling just to maintain, and a mesomorph may find that he or she can pack on muscle with a three-day split or one that focuses on individual body parts. The high level of cardio, too, could be detrimental to the goals of ectomorphs and mesomorphs.

What Are Some Good Foods For An Endomorph?

Unfortunately, a poor diet can ruin even the most well-crafted workout plan. The most important consideration is to keep overall calories in check. No matter what the food, too many calories over maintenance level will cause fat gain. But for those trying to cut, too few calories can have disadvantages.

Cutting calories may seem like an easy way to shed weight, but not eating enough will prevent one from being able to complete workouts and will actually encourage the body to store fat in extreme cases.

The nutritional value in one's diet is important as well. While I don't think that eating clean 100% of the time is absolutely necessary for non-competitors, I do acknowledge that some foods are more beneficial than others. As endomorphs don't have as many calories to work with, choosing nutrient-dense foods is important.

Lean protein such as chicken, turkey and seafood are great choices, but they don't have to be the only ones. Eggs, for example, are fattier, but contain vitamins and minerals.

For carbohydrates, vegetables such as potatoes and yams are great to fuel intense workouts. Fibrous vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli are also nutrient-dense and are filling, an important fact for endomorphs to consider. Beans, whole-wheat pasta and oats are other high-fiber foods should be included as well.

And even though fat is a "bad" word, dietary fat is nothing to be afraid of or skimped on. Fat is necessary for many bodily functions and induces a feeling of satiety.

My favorite sources are almonds, peanuts, cashews and their associated butters, avocados and olive oil. These are all high in unsaturated fats. But saturated fats have advantages too, including supporting normal [muscle-building hormones] - so don't be afraid of some fatty meat, sour cream or dairy. The only fat I would warn against is artificial trans fat, which has absolutely no benefits.

Lastly, one should try to eat complete meals whenever possible. The combination of protein, fat and carbohydrates will keep you [steady all day]. For this reason, smaller, more frequent meals are preferable to infrequent, large meals, which may make one feel lethargic later on.

Just remember, enough effort can accomplish anything - so have fun and achieve the body of your dreams!

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask away in the comments section.

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