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Client Spotlight

This is where our most prestigious clients reside, their names and faces will forever be engraved into IPT History

If you're interested in becoming a prestigious member, then stay committed to your plan! And stay consistent with your training plan!

Prestigious members get a permanent place in IPT History, & their very own profile.




Martin has worked HARD! His training has been relentless, from a sedentary life-style to training 3-4 days a week following a remote training plan. 

He has completed 142+ workouts!

Smashed over 154 personal bests!

And he has walked 800km!

This has resulted in building some solid muscle and losing 18kg of JUST body-fat.

Tremendous effort 



Laura has been training with me for 5 months/20 Weeks. She wanted to tone up & become stronger. So we did just that!

She trains once a week with myself, and also follows a 3-day a week tailored workout routine, through my personal remote training app.

She follows her nutrition down to the dot & hits her caloric consumption perfectly! This has resulted in fantastic results.

Keep watching this space, as even at her current level, she's striving for greater results!



I train Caroline in person. She's a great character & one of the hardest workers in the gym, she trains 2-3 times a week. 30 minutes lifting weights & 45 minutes of circuit work each training day.

She follows an intermittent fasting routine for her nutrition, which fits her lifestyle perfectly.

With a starting weight of 116kg, we're now sitting at around 80kg. Check out her current transformation, and current strength records!



Lee came to me after losing a tremendous amount of weight himself, he managed this by reducing food intake & increasing his activity levels by adding cardio to his lifestyle.


Fantastic move on his behalf! But unfortunately, to get beyond a certain point in terms of weight loss, it takes a different approach.

He signed up - I personalised a training programme, further educated him on nutrition/macronutrients & we got to work! 




Living on a fairly sedentary lifestyle, alongside a spontaneous diet, consisting of high-calorie days & low-calorie days. In turn, promoting weight gain.


After hard work, dedication, and following strict macronutrient guidance, Peter has managed to completely transform his appearance greatly! Check out his current progress.


As you can see he already has an impressive muscular structure. His life style at this moment in time consisted of hard weight training 4 times a week, combined with a basic diet, nothing wrong with that at all!

Yet James insisted to further improve his physique, by increasing muscle mass, reducing overall body fat, and furthering his flexibility. 

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