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Iron Anatomy

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Iron Anatomy Team

IPT is currently in partnership with Iron Anatomy.

The Iron Anatomy Team is highly prestigious, in and around the London area, they have assisted countless clients with their weight loss goals through boot camp style group sessions.

If you're interested in joining like minded individuals, such as your self, then this is the option for you.

By burning 3500 calories a week through exercise, you will shed roughly 0.5kg of Fat each week. By participating in just one of our 60 minutes classes, you'll be looking at burning roughly 700-800 calories! (And thats just during the session)

If you keep consistent with Iron Anatomy sessions, you could be burning a staggering 2-3 kg of fat each month! That amounts to roughly 5-6 lbs lost.

If you're interested in breaking boundaries and becoming part of the Iron Anatomy Team, then come along to one of our local classes, and kick start your IA initiation!

Pay as you go option - £5.00

This is an ideal option for a beginner, it'll allow you to learn the ropes and get a taste of an Iron Anatomy session.

Monthly Debit - £40.00

This provides you with unlimited access to all of our classes and personalised monthly meal plans - this is aimed at our intermediate members, and guarantees fantastic results.

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