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12 Week Mass Building Plan (Ultra)

12 Week Mass Building Plan (Ultra)

£288.00 Regular Price
£230.40Sale Price

Once you have purchased your plan, you will instantly recieve a Life-Style Questionnaire. You need to then fill this in as accurately as possible, and return it back to me at Once I have recieved your questionnaire, I will get to work on designing you a plan that will demolish your fitness goals.


Beginning weight training as a predominately skinnier person, can be quite an intimidating experience, not only that but some of us have it TOUGH when it comes to building muscle/gaining weight.

You're probably training religiously, and eating like a king! But the progress you seem to have made is minimal to say the least.

Skip ahead of all that trial error and let me show you exactly what actions that you need to be making. I will guide you through powerful mass building routines, that are guaranteed to build you solid, quality muscle! That coupled with one of our scientifically designed meal plans, will have you bursting out of your sleeves!




*12 Personalised Weeks of Fitness Routines

*12 Personalised Weeks of Nutrition Guidance

*Free IPT Training Gear once you've completed your


*Weekly check ins to see how you're progressing

*24/7 Mobile/email support

*Entered in to our 60 Day Transformation Competition

*Initial Skype Consultation (If required)


These plans are catered towards serious individuals, if you follow our guidance we can guarantee that you will exceed your expectations.


In fact, we're so confident, that if our plans do not provide you with results, then you're entitled to our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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