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8 Minute Fat Burner

The majority of us exercise a lot more than we necessarily need to. Sure, if you're looking to finish an Ironman triathlon, run a marathon, or compete in competitions such as the CrossFit Games, then you'll need either the luck of the draw when it comes to genetics or a lot of time on your hands to exercise.

But if you're just looking burn some fat, get a better body, and target some weaker areas, you'd certainly be surprised at how little you can actually exercise, especially when you use the strategy that I am about to share with you! This will allow you to get a steady rate of weight loss with just 8 minutes of exercise!

Tabata Training & How to use it

Have you ever happened to try incorporating something called "Tabata Training" into your routine? If you want to learn how to lose fat fast with just 8 minutes of exercise, then you'll need to be familiar with this style of training.

Tabata sets, which are appropriately named after Dr. Izumi Tabata, involve 4 minutes of absolute intense exercise! Sounds easy huh? Well during those 4 minutes, you alternate between 20 seconds of your maximum effort (no slacking) and then no more than 10 seconds of complete rest.

You can do a number of exercises whilst using Tabata Training - including Jump Squats, Sprints, Lunges (See image for a few more) You can basically do anything during Tabata.. As long as it involves you going as hard as possible during them 20-seconds and resting for 10.

Tabata is not only an amazing way to get a better body, fast! but it will also significantly boost your metabolism whilst improving both your aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular & muscular endurance.

The 8 Minute IPT Fat Loss Workout!

Now, I am gonna share with you the IPT spin off.

Round 1

Begin with a single 4-minute Tabata set that "warms up" your entire body and works pretty much every muscle group. If you're not sure which exercises to use, then try out Burpees, squat to overhead press, or dumbbell walking lunges. Now the idea here is to burn as many calories and work as many muscles as you possibly can in that short 4-minute time frame!

Round 2

After you've managed to climb through that first Tabata set, lie back and take a breather (if you need it, which you probably will) Rest for no longer than 1-2 minutes. Then, as soon as you're ready, hit another 4-minute set of Tabata training!! But this time try focusing on areas you believe are under developed/muscles you want to work.

See below a small list of exercises, and what they do:

* Squats - Glutes, Legs, Lower back.

* Mountain Climbers - Abdominals/Core

* High step-ups - Works your glutes

* Press ups - Works the chest, & back of the arms (Triceps)

* Burpees - Everything!

I could be here all day and list every single exercise known to man, but I'm sure you get the idea. Now Round 2 is your chance to target a specific area you want to change on your body, but remember you cannot Reduce Fat in a Specific Area by working just that one area!

That's why its important to complete as many different exercises as possible in the first 4-minute time frame!

Good luck, and let me know how you get on!

If you have any questions whatsoever, get in contact now!

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