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Benefits of Online Personal Training

Straight off the bat, you’re probably feeling fairly sceptical about Online Personal Training, compared to the likes of a Face to Face Personal Trainer.

Traditionally, Personal Training meant:

  • Sign up for face to face training at a gym

  • Pay for one-on-one time with a personal trainer

  • Receive attention, instruction and feedback during your workout.

1. Motivation

Training can, and will slowly become monotonous, it’s easy to find yourself using the same routine, day in and day out. Soon you will find yourself neglecting correct rest times, posting a new Instagram selfie between sets, and missing sessions here and there, because you’re tired.

Hiring a quality trainer, will prevent this from happening. You have someone guiding you and coaching you through each and every repetition, in turn keeping you focused and motivated.

2. Immediate Feedback

One the most valuable qualities of a Personal Trainer. If you are performing an exercise/movement incorrectly, adjustments can be made on the spot, there and then.

Improper form is arguably the most detrimental (and dangerous) mistake a trainee can make! A good quality trainer will be able to spot this immediately which will promote maximum progress and reduce the chances on injury.

3. Accountability

You are coming home from work, tired, exhausted and slightly pissed off (god knows why) we’ve all been there – speeding past the gym to get home an hour early can be very tempting.

But when you have a scheduled PT session at 6:30pm, with a person you have developed a friendship with; you will feel a lot more inclined to walk through them gym doors. It isn’t always money that is invested, but also a slight emotional investment made by you both.

Okay so I might have made you think “Why even bother with Online Training, then?”

Keep reading!!

||Benefits of Online Training||

1. Cost

Tell the truth, this is the biggest factor and probably one of the bigger off puts in personal training in general. You’re looking at spending £35.00 - £80.00 per hour depending on the location & the trainer. 2-3 times every week, each month, really does eventually add up.

Online training will generally run you a fraction of the costs of a traditional personal trainer, with continuous 24/7 support.

2. Focus on Diet

Over my years of training, and from my personal experience, a lot of personal trainers in gyms do not give their clients diet proper attention. This doesn’t make sense because the diet is the most important component of muscle gain & fat loss.

Believe it or not, a lot of trainers use the “Slower progress means more training” approach. Therefore, focusing more so on lining their back pocket, than giving your transformation the boost that it needs.

Really, I think many trainers just aren’t well researched when it comes to proper nutrition, just taking a course and earning a qualification doesn’t necessarily provide someone with REAL background experience.

Personally, I know how to design a diet for fat loss and for muscle gain (because I have not only been there myself, but I have also assisted countless clients, friends and family. And I know how to produce results)

3. Helps you become independent

After developing your confidence with a personal trainer, sometimes it’s best to spread your wings and make your own way in the gym (Not such a bad thing, especially financially)

This is where online training comes in, not only is it an extremely cheaper & more cost effective style of training, but it is also a lot more focused on your exact stats as a person.

Becoming independent with your training is the best thing you can possibly do – this is where the real results begin, and where your knowledge & self-motivation really start to improve.

4. Knowledge

Now I’m not trying to trash other people’s business as a means to promote myself, I am merely attempting to make people aware that not every PT out there is an expert in their field i.e. there are a lot of idiots training clients in various gyms.

Online training, allows the trainer to learn at an exponential rate. With a larger client base, the sample size of clients to draw upon is greater than a PT in a commercial gym. Therefore, giving them access to a wide variety of clients from different backgrounds and various circumstances. Now all this experience just makes the results provided a hell of a lot more achievable!

So if you’re ready to take that step into Online Personal Training, then get in contact now by either dropping me an email ( or visiting my online training plan store.

I look forward to helping you give your fitness life-style, the results that you deserve.

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