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A-Z Guide to Keeping Fit & Strong for Life

Looking to lose weight?

Get fit?

Run a marathon?

Maybe even become the next Bruce Lee?

No matter what your goal is, here are some quick, easy, and affordable actionable tasks that you can implement into your daily lifestyle to achieve some serious results!


First things first, check out your surroundings! Do you have room to exercise? All you need is 1-2 square meters of space in your home, or a solid outdoor route to get running (or walking!)


Fantastic full-body bodyweight movement, all you need is your own body. It can be performed anywhere, anytime. Too easy? Decrease your rest time.


Am I eating too much, or am I not eating enough? If a healthy lifestyle is your goal, then being aware of your caloric expenditure and consumption is extremely important.


Life can be very demanding, I know. Finding the time is usually the issue. If you’re struggling for time, try out TABATA Training... 10 minutes is all you will need, trust me!


Effort goes a long way. How much effort are you willing to put in? The more effort, the better! Your success is dependent on your effort. Are you struggling? Then take a step back and remind yourself why you’re reading this article. You want change.


Failure will be a big part of your fitness journey. Learn to accept it, understand how to learn from it and above all else keep positive.


Losing weight & getting fit is all dependant on your energy expenditure. Gardening is a fantastic opportunity to burn some calories and make your garden look snazzy at the same time!


Are you getting enough hours in bed? 6 hours minimum is what is required but aim for 8 to really feel the benefits. Try to fall to sleep around the same time every night for optimal results.


What are your intentions, are you looking to lose weight? Or are you looking to just get fit? It’s very important to make your goals clear from the offset.


Great for recovery, but let’s be honest, not everyone has a Jacuzzi! (We wish we did; I know I do!) The next best thing would be a hot bath, don’t underestimate this one! It’s great at relaxing worn-out muscles, and a worn-out mind.

Knee Injuries

Do you suffer? You may have tight muscles in your legs, or your exercise form may be slightly incorrect. If you’re unsure, please consult a professional. It is an easy mistake to make, even I do it, but if you can spot it and correct it then you are improving! Deep tissue massage is my first port of call when suffering from any joint issues.


Understand your limits and be realistic in your expectations. The results you’re looking for won’t happen overnight. Don’t measure your success by the number on the scales.


Keeping fit and exercising does wonders for our mental health. But ride the good days with the bad days, accept your failures as a learning experience, and try again next time.


The better your nutrition, the higher output of energy you’re going to have. Optimal nutrition is extremely important, no matter your goal. So, consider not having an entire pack of chocolate digestives, instead maybe swap them for a small handful of cashew nuts to keep you going for longer.


Do not overload your physical training. Too much overloading will affect your physical health and mindset.

Progressive Overload

Eventually, your workouts will get easy. Your goal is to progressively make them tougher, little by little. Continuous small steps will eventually take you very far! On your first run, you could run for 3-5 minutes and be absolutely exhausted! And within weeks you could be running for 20-30 minutes effortlessly. Take your time and aim to improve on each attempt.


If you’re looking for professional help with your fitness, PLEASE ensure you receive qualified advice from an appropriate advisor.


Rest, Rest, Rest! Physically training your body is a brilliant way to become healthier, but just like everything else, there’s a thing as too much physical training. Make sure you take your rest days!


Starvation isn’t just not eating food altogether. It’s also under-eating your calories and running 7 days a week! Please ensure you research your correct caloric consumption in relation to your activity level. This is VERY important. If this interests you, please feel free to message us and we will gladly calculate your nutrition requirements free of charge.


Is your frequent shop within walking distance? Maybe you could bike to work? Look for ways to burn some extra calories by getting your body moving through everyday tasks!


Are you underweight? If so, moving a little less and adding extra food will be the key to getting you, to where you need to be.


Be versatile in your exercise routines. Mixing your routine around a little could be the key to giving you some extra motivation!


Did you know that just a 3% decrease in hydration, causes a 10% decrease in your overall physical strength! I recommend drinking 2.5 – 3.5 litres of water a day, depending on overall physical activity.

X-Ray Vision

Are you able to see all the way through to your end result? Being able to visualise your goals and put them into perspective, will allow you to understand exactly what it is that you need to do. Write your goals down in a diary, that way you’ll never forget them.


Not everyone needs to be a yoga expert. But incorporating 10-20 minutes of stretching every few days will do wonders for those achy knees, and lower back pains. Muscles get tight from day-to-day life, so please ensure you stretch them out (After exercising).


Don’t neglect your Zinc. Zinc is important for healing wounds and is also key in improving your sense of taste and smell. A healthy, varied diet usually will provide enough Zinc, but just be aware.

By following this simple task list, you will be well on your way to dramatically improving your physical well-being. What are you waiting for? Start implementing these tasks into your daily lifestyle as soon as possible!


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